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              *** GAME FEATURES ***

  • 3D Sandbox free construction game;

  • MULTIPLAYER beta mode to CHAT with the real people online;

  • BUILD AND DESTROY TOGETHER with your friends and have fun in the beta-version of multiplayer!

  • MINI-GAMES: EggWars, SnowBall Fight

  • RPG elements;

  • Explore the world in RPG elements game;

  • Mining, Crafting and destroying everything;

  • Gather resources to survive;

  • Fight your enemies - SURVIVAL MODE;

  • CREATIVE MODE to set your imagination free.

Connect to the EPIC survival / action or explore & adventure.


The game offers two modes – Survival and Creative sandbox. 

In Survival mode players have to collect resources, hunting, crafting item, construct buildings, fight against enemies, manage hunger and explore world to survive and prosper. 

In Creative mode focus on breaking new grounds of creation by building the most elaborate structures you can dream of. 

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